Multilumen Tubing


Vascular Intervention, Vascular Access, Endosurgery, CRM and Neurostimulation, Including Coronary, Peripheral, Neurovascular, Dialysis, Venous, Urology, Ob / Gyn, Endoscopy and Other Medical Device Applications

Lubrizol Life Science Health’s precision medical extrusion solutions optimize the clinical outcome of thermoplastics and silicone double lumen and multilumen tubing for the medical device industry.


Provide Channels to Optimize Management of Fluid, Mechanical, Electrical and / or Energy Delivery for Minimally Invasive Diagnostic and Therapeutic Devices

Double lumens and multiple lumens serve a variety of purposes in numerous applications, allowing for passage of fluids or drugs, as guidewires, inflation / deflation of a balloon, mechanical devices (instruments, stents, baskets, coils, etc.) and electrical / electronic sensors and / or energy delivery (thermal, RF, cryo and UV), as in the case of lead tubing.


Multilumen Tubing Consists of Two or More Working Channels (Lumens) Running the Length of the Tubing

LLS Health manufactures custom multilumen tubing in virtually any configuration. The number, size and configuration of the lumens is limited only by the outer diameter, wall thickness, web thickness and material.


Tooling, Materials, Process and Quality Control

LLS Health designs and builds the multilumen tooling in-house, ensuring quality control and rapid response times. We even provide quick-turn medical device prototyping for simple configurations. LLS Health employs advanced process technology and comprehensive quality control methods to ensure lumen consistency and patency.


Complex Multilumen Configurations

LLS Health’s experienced extrusion professionals understand how to balance medical device design and manufacturability, optimizing customer requirements for performance and cost. Our expertise includes:

  • Configurations ranging from 2–20 lumens
  • Lumen sizes ranging up to 0.5" (12.5 mm) depending on raw material
  • Numerous lumen shapes, including round, elliptical, star-shaped, crescent and others
  • Bump tubing and transition tubing (also called tapered)
  • Coextruded tubing (striped or multilayered)
  • Wall thickness as thin as 0.001" (0.025 mm)
  • Spring-reinforced tubing
  • Rapid extrusion services